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About Us

Azordev is a company in charge of offering digital services to entrepreneurs and companies from different countries.


It is characterized by obtaining a different business model where entrepreneurs offer their jobs and programmers can choose the jobs they want from these clients. The model is characterized by being outsourcing.

The meaning of the name is divided into two parts: AZOR, which is a hunting eagle, which seeks to connote courage and opportunities towards entrepreneurs and freelancers, and DEV; which connotes developers, which is a meaning of programmers in English.


Improve people’s quality of life by valuing their work and efforts. Also, helping their progress avoiding labor abuse and the bad system that many companies promote.


It is time to make a change to the labor system, your future, you create it, we give you the wings to do it

Our Services

Let’s start the journey towards success and enhance revenue for your business.  Take your company to the next level.

Creative Design

We deliver the best solution and provide a business strategy that makes you a full professional.

Web Development

Being self-confident makes you perfect for gaining success. Assuring the enhancement of inner-power.

Mobile Application

Get opportunity to gain technological skills that improve the innovation funnel with new tips & tricks.

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