✅Content Marketing: Create your Digital Marketing strategy 📝

Visibility in the online world.

It is necessary to achieve the objective of your business, to sell!

Publishing the services you offer on social networks and on your website is fine, but are there strategies to improve it?

Running an organization on how to do it gives you better results than you can measure.

How can you do it?

Using Content Marketing.

This strategy allows you to create and publish content that interests your buyer persona, getting involved in the process of laying out the knowledge you want to share with your target audience with content that meets needs to generate a positive perception of your brand.

What are the benefits of starting to do it?

  • Helps you increase sales
  • Create bonds with people
  • Troubleshoots
  • Better positioning in web searches
  • Communicate the values ​​of your Personal Brand
  • Increase your website traffic
  • Getting started on this strategy also uses other types of Marketing.

So I explain to you what content Marketing is linked to.


Inbound Marketing:

Also known as attraction marketing generates content for potential customers (leads) and its purpose is to capture people’s interest in a natural way, this is one of the main strategies of Digital Marketing and goes hand in hand with Content Marketing.

But what would be the benefits of applying it to your strategy?

  • Greater power of persuasion
  • Increase the number of people who recognize your brand and know what services you offer
  • Shorter sales cycle
  • You inform about the market to which it is inserted

Okay, so how can you get started on your Content Marketing?

I teach you the basic steps.

Define your goals: a clear vision of what you want to achieve helps you know what metrics and what actions you must take to see these results.

Know your buyer person: you do not want to attract everyone but who has the profile to become a client, so it is necessary that you draw a description of the type of people you want to reach.

Establish dissemination channels: publish the content you generate on the relevant sites for your users, you must be on the channels where your target audience is.

How to carry out content production?

This takes time.

Creating valuable content does not take a few minutes, you must make the choices of keywords for your texts and thus achieve a good positioning, they are the key to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) with respect to words relevant to your business.

Choosing the size and format of the content, texts that are too long make them lose interest when reading them and texts that are too short are devoid of information.

500 words is a good starting point.

It must be attractive at first glance (the first impression is what counts), easy to scan, with careful grammar and spelling.

So now that you know what to post you should spread the word.

Content promotion

It is important to know where to disclose the content you created because this will directly influence the results of your strategy.

Social networks: it is not necessary to be in all but in those in which your leads are present, each site where public has different audiences and expectations, you must know which formats are more accepted and what people expect in each of them.

Email Marketing: deliver information directly to the user, you can do it through a newsletter (digital advertising newsletter) that contain articles of interest about your brand, sending ebooks and material rich in information that help your users advance in the funnel of sales.

Attraction of leads: a sales funnel is the process that your user follows to meet the objective of generating a sale, there is a large majority that reaches the beginning of this funnel but it is necessary to place them inside to be able to transform them into opportunities.

This is where you have to generate leads.

Leads are people who have shown interest in the content you create, to the point of providing information such as email or phone number.

This is very important because having this data you can send personalized information to make it move through the funnel quickly, you can do it by generating conversion points on your blog so that you fill out a form, receive a newsletter or one through a landing page.

Results measurement

Once you have identified which strategies you are going to use, you must carry out a metric of the results obtained to evaluate which means work for you and which do not, these measurements can be from daily to semi-annual, evaluating the progress you have will allow you to know in which areas you should to get better.

The RIO (Return of Investment / Return on Investment) is the metric that allows you to calculate the projections that return for the investments made in the production of content.

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