👀 How to create content for social networks: 6 basic tips for you 👇

Make yourself known.

It is the objective of publishing a message on the most used social networks, whether you want them to know the services you offer or what you think about a topic.

But how can you create valuable content that really connects with your users?

I explain how.

One of the improvements you can make to your content is to first understand what motivates your users to share digital material, what makes them inspire to participate online and spread content.

What would those motivations be?

Social approval: we all like to express our opinions and get positive comments from our friends and acquaintances, so if you publish digital marketing content that is according to the description, your buyer persona will get more interaction on their part.

Communication: We are social beings by nature and generally we want to promote new relationships (or strengthen the ones we already have) with other people and a good way to do it more easily is by sharing online.

Support ideas: we mostly use social networks to support ideas, write opinions and personal beliefs, so users connect better.

Entertainment: Trendy social media is a good way to find entertainment content at the end of the day and this includes humor, videos, and memes.
So how can you improve your interactive content?

Create high-quality content

It seems obvious but it is often forgotten, the digital content for marketing that you do must always be of high quality, there is no easy way, you must investigate what you want to talk about, if you do not invest enough time in the information that you post on your networks your users are not going to be involved in what you post.

Use a smart format

Time is money and when you surf the internet this is almost a rule, users read faster and faster and will lose interest if they find a text that is too long. How can you change a ” wall of text ” to one that is easy to scan? ‘

Use lists, bullets, and headings to sort your information so that it’s easy to find the key points you want to talk about.

Add value to users’ lives

Educational digital content is good but if your readers cannot put it into practice they will not have a benefit from what you publish, remember that the main objective of your content should be to solve customer pain points, whether it is talking about the service you have for Offer or some information on a topic that you want to share, this will generate loyalty to your brand and interest in what you have to say.

Take your audience into account

Before sharing content, think about whether it is something that will be of interest to your audience, brainstorm and when you have options that you think are the right ones, you can present a debate on the social networks most used by your users, so you create commitment and you gives an overview of what they want.

Create infographics

They are informative but they are also easy to understand and give you advantages in social networks since they come in the form of images, they are quite useful because most users share visual content. So a free tool that will help you create an infographic is Canva, you don’t need to be a professional designer to be able to present original and quality content.

Provokes emotions

The most viral campaigns have been because they have provoked strong emotions among users, emotions such as happiness, anger or pain have the power to make people get involved and share the content. An example of this is the Save Ralph short, it is a small documentary of almost 4:00 minutes about the life of a rabbit that works in a laboratory where cosmetic tests are carried out on animals, this short caused a shock to the public and generated millions of visits since it shows explicit images of the suffering that animals in these places can have, it is a stark narrative of how animals die in these laboratories.

Social networks and media give you an excellent opportunity to reach more people interested in what you do, add more value to the way you create material online and captivate your audience. You already know how to create quality content, practice these tips and make the difference between your competition.

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